Listen To Your Body

Just over a month ago I went to France fishing with hubby and towards the end of the week I realised how run down I was because I had come up in a cold sore and was so emotional.

When I got home i didn’t slow down I went out every weekend for three weeks and I have had another two cold sores since then which again is a sign my body needs to slow down.

I also got a lump come up under my left armpit and I just looked awful and tired but I didn’t listen to my body.

I have now slowed down a little I think we forget to take time for ourselves especially when life gets busy and it shows in various ways.

I have a few busy weeks/months coming up and I know I do need to find time for myself to just take a breath and slow down.

Our bodies are sensitive and we need to treat them well!

Is The Law Of Attraction Cheating?

So yesterday I had a moment and started to panic because since using the law of attraction my life has changed so much and everything I have asked for I get which is great because like I said life is great,

But… I suddenly thought is this cheating?

I love my life but sometimes I do feel like I’m cheating and then I started to wonder if this will be thrown back at me and my mind went in to negative mode and I started to think everyone will hate me for creating friendships through the law of attraction.

I love my friends and I love the fact I can now go out and do things with them and I am not going to lie I would miss them if I didn’t have them in my life but is what I’m doing cheating at life?

I wonder what your thoughts are on this?


So I have a lot of Leo’s in my life and one thing I have learnt about them is they love the sound of their own voice and only want you to hear what they have to say.

Don’t get me wrong I love Leo’s you kinda know where you stand with them but if I have something I want to tell them about they never really listen lol.

My husband is a Leo/cusp and my best friend is a Leo and they are so alike it’s hard trying to tell them about things as they never listen and want to tell me about what’s going on with them.

I also have another friend who’s also a Leo and she is exactly the same lol so busy wanting people to hear what they have to say and not listening to others.

Got to love Leo’s tho!!

Walking Away

She had so much to say but she just stood there looking deep into her teary eyes, she see her pain and felt her pain but she knew she couldn’t do it anymore. 

Only she knew the pain that tugged away at her heart right there in that moment, only she knew how much strength it was taking her not to reach out to her.

She hated to watch her cry but they both knew that they had to walk away, trust had been broken too many times and hearts had been destroyed because of this. 

They both knew they would never love another like they loved each other but they had to let each other go and hope they find happiness in someone else, they would always be soulmates and always have that special connection.

She kissed her fingers and placed her fingers upon her lips then wiped a tear off her check as she looked in her eyes and said “ I will never forget you and I will always, ALWAYS love you”. 

With that she turned away holding her hands on her breaking heart sobbing hard repeating to herself “you can do this” and trying not to look back..

Your My Desire

As I’m sat across from her at the table I pick up my vodka and coke and take a sip as I watch him all over her whispering In her ear and touching her leg the jealousy gets the better of me as I turn to my husband and say I need the loo and quickly leave the table hoping it doesn’t look to obvious, I can feel I am nearly running to the toilet My heart beats heavy in my chest as I push the door open I run to the sink and turn the tap on and splash some water on my face.

I whisper to myself “ get a grip girl” and then I hear the door open and with no words she walks up to me and gently pushes me against the wall and leans towards me and our lips touch as my heart races she gently grabs my hand and pulls me into one of the cubicles and closes and locks the door and eagerly unbuttons my jeans and places her hand down between my legs as she pushes me against the wall she looks deep into my eyes which are beautiful green but wild. 

I hear someone else enter the toilets and she puts her finger up to her lips and whispers “shhh”, this excites me more as she pushes her fingers inside me I try and hold my moans in as she gently puts her hand over my mouth still making eye contact as she fingers me I can hear the rustles of someone in the next cubicle but this just turns me on even more.

She pulls her hand out of my knickers and turns me around to face the wall and places her hand back down my kickers as I feel her hand down hers and she pushes against my bum, as she buries her head into my back and I can hear her heavy breathing as she rubs herself and me and I know that we are both silently cumin hard I can feel my clit pulsating and my legs buckle. 

As we do up our bottoms she looks deep into my eyes and reaches up and cups my face in her hands as she leans in and kisses me I feel her smile and can hear her heart pounding in her chest, she pulls away opens the door and makes her way back to the table while I try and compose myself. 

As I return to the table I hope I don’t look to flustered as I catch her eye and a little grin appears on her face, no one has a clue what just happened it’s a secret between me and her and as he places his hand on her leg I smile because I know her desire is for me not him we both know we desire each other and no man can compare to that.

Hand In Mine

As I wrapped my legs around her body and pull her in I tease her with my tongue the place it in her mouth as she lets out a little moan of pleasure, “I am so wet” I say “I want you to make me wetter” as I pull away I lay down and spread my legs.

My clit is pulsating in excitement as she just sits there looking at me knowing that she doesn’t need to even touch me, as I place my hands between my legs still making eye contact with her

I begin to stroke my clit, her hand slip between her legs and she starts to stroke herself.

She mounts me and pushes her body up against mine as she rides against my body I can feel her wetness on my leg, she moans “ make me come” as she pushes herself harder against my wet pussy I hear her breathing getting faster and faster as she looks me straight into my eyes as we both cum looking deep into each other’s souls.

Scared Child

Here I was Lost, delirious, confused barely the age of two, laying in the coldness of the stale smoked filled room.

Frightened with no one to find me, laying silently with my hands over my ears.

As the darkness brushes past my skin, I flinched and tuck my tiny fragile body in.

Scared little child laying tucked up in the darkness, I hoped someone would come get me and take away my pain.

Nothing but the sound of screams coming from the other room, hearing nothing but slaps and punches stuck in a hell that wasn’t my own.

Trapped in the darkness, laying on the hardness of the floor, a small little child feeling helpless, scared and alone.

Tears running down my cheekbones, not knowing what my future holds.

A small fragile child forever trapped in the darkness of her mothers life’s of domestic abuse and alcohol.

The Way You Felt

I loved the way you placed your hands upon my waist while I was standing at the kitchen sink, the way you nuzzled in to my neck and gentle left a kiss.

I loved how you would look deep into my soul where no one else had been, no one else cared to go but you dived deep.

I Ioved how you would push the hair away from my eyes then whisper to me how beautiful I was, you took me to a place where I’d never been before a place I call paradise.

I loved how you would cuddle up to me from behind and wrap your arms around me so tightly, how you made my heart melt inside.

No one can take away what you gave me or replace the special place Iv set aside for you in my heart, only you have been to the deepest parts of my soul and that is where you continue to live to the day that i die.

My Old Friend

As the darkness grabs me from behind I can feel the coldness off its breath breathing down my neck, I can feel the sharpness of its claws digging in my skin.

I scream but no sound comes out of my mouth and as I panic at the thought of being dragged by to that hell, warm tears run down my face as I try and catch my breath.

People walk past and I try and catch their attention in hope they will grab my hand and save me, but they don’t seem to be able to see me it’s like I’m invisible to them.

I am so tired and start to become weak I have no fight left in me, as I begin to let the darkness slowly drag me in to the coldness once again.

I am back in the claws of the devil I had no choice but to let him win, darkness becomes me friend once more as I curl up in a ball and hope someone will save me soon.

All Over Me

Her hand is placed gently over my mouth with her hand down the top of my jeans I feel the touch of her fingers gentle caressing my enlarged clit and I moan loudly even with her hand over my mouth it cannot silence the sounds of my moans.

She takes her hand away from my mouth and pushes me harder against the wall her body pressed against me as her lips press against mine I feel my clit pulsate underneath her fingers and my legs begin to become weak.

She pulls away and looks me deeply in my eyes and I can read what her eyes are saying we don’t need no words spoken as our hearts speak in silence as I say “I love you too” she smiles and my body explodes in pleasure.

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